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You can own the complete final concert of The Couriers as recorded at Christian Life Assembly of God, in Camp Hill PA on New Years Eve 2013.

Only $25.00 plus $4.99 shipping for the DVD and Audio
Changing World
One Nation Over God
1.   One Nation Over God
2.   From a Start to Stripes
3.   Statue of Liberty
4.   Set Me on the Rock, Joshua
5.   Whose God is Alive?
6.   The Place of Prayer
7.   Loves and Fishes
8.   Country Church
9.   I Just Don't Get It
10. Father's House
11. Immortal, Invincible, Almighty God
12. He Has Forgiven Me
20 Couriers CD's
(Each Featuring 2 Record Albums)
Only $125.00 plus $4.95 shipping and handling
Only $18.00 (includes shipping and handling)
1.  Its' Such a Good Feeling
2.  I Stand Before You
3.  Happiness is Following
4.  He'll Be
5.  Euroclydon
6.  I Am The
7.  Still Good News Today
8.  The Next Time I Get Married
9.  When It Hurts So Bad
11. Christ Is
12. Dear Jesus, Abide With Me