Eisenhower was president and Presley was king when the God of all ages placed His call on three young men; Dave Kyllonen, Duane Nicholson and Neil Enloe. These students at Bible School formed a music ministry team five decades ago and decided upon the name “The Couriers???

What seemed to be at least their temporary marching orders led to fifty five years of singing the Good News in churches, concerts, prisons, hospital rooms and countless other venues numbering well over 10,000. All this was to lead them into recording over 40 albums of music and traveling to not only all fifty United States and all Canadian provinces, but also to 80 nations of the globe in missionary evangelism. Well over three million miles were logged into the record books of Heaven in ministry.
During the same time period Dave, Duane and Neil were presented three prestigious Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association. Two of the awards, “Song of the Year” and “Associate Member Award”, were bestowed upon Neil for his original music composition, “(The Cross Is My) STATUE OF LIBERTY”. The other award was given to honor their live concert recording, “OVATION”, for being voted by their peers as the Gospel Music “Inspirational Album of the Year”.

Dave, Duane and Neil, when asked how long they would sing together always respond by saying, “As long as God leads and opens the door.” In 1980 everything changed as God seemed to be shaking their comfortable and perpetual “Ministry Nest” and the decision was made to launch out into the unknown and disband. No one was more shocked at the abrupt leading of the Lord than Dave, Duane and Neil. When they look back in retrospect on that stunning decision, that many loyal friends who had prayed for the men and supported them throughout their ministry couldn’t understand, Dave, Duane and Neil can see the hand and wisdom of God in that momentous decision.

After the separation all three men were able to take their families on the road in ministry.Dave Kyllonen continued his family ministry from 1980 to 2000.

Both Duane and Neil, after some years on the road with their families, connected with Neil’s brother Phil. Phil had been with the Couriers for a time in the early 60’s.He then left and started a 17year successful evangelistic ministry.The reconnection resulted into years of continual ministry until the year 2000.The Couriers once again were silenced. Phil Enloe went to Venice Florida and started a church. Duane and Neil settled into retirement for the second time.

During this time, unbeknownst to Duane and Neil, Dave was increasingly feeling the weariness and fatigue of being on the road full time. He too was contemplating retirement!

Long time friends of the Couriers knowing of the coming retirements convinced Dave, Duane and Neil to come to their church to sing a couple of songs.Two songs became several as the audience asked for more songs.It was as if they had never stopped singing together for so many years.

The Word got out that the original Couriers were singing again and the phone began to ring. The original three sang limited dates until sadly, the senior member of the Couriers past away in March of 2019.

An end of an era has come but the music goes on in CD form for all to hear and enjoy.